Maverick Communications is a non-traditional marketing agency based in Kentville, Nova Scotia. As Atlantic Canada's only ambient media and experiential marketing specialists, we provide agencies with a single point-of-contact to deliver unique and memorable marketing programs through our wide range of ambient and experiential media solutions.


Since 1996 Maverick has been Atlantic Canada's leader in field marketing services and promotional staffing, with 250+ brand ambassadors.

Maverick specializes in experiential marketing, ambient media installations, direct-to-door marketing solutions, and temporary sales and merchandising personnel.

Ambient media produces mass attention in centralized locations, pushing a brand message to consumers in non-traditional ways. Ambient media tactics offer companies a unique way to connect closely to their targeted demographic, often close to the point-of-purchase. Experiential marketing takes a creative and media campaign to the streets, creating one-to-one opportunities with brand ambassadors who can bring a brand to life for consumers.

Direct-to-door marketing, and temporary sales and merchandising solutions, are both flexible, fast and a highly cost effective means to get a product in the hands of consumers. Maverick can quickly execute direct marketing efforts, driving incremental purchases or generating quantifiable sales leads.

Please review our case studies and see how Maverick can help you, your agency and ultimately your clients...

After all, one size fits none.

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Rolling Promotions  

We'll bring your brand directly to the places your consumer works, lives and plays, using our fleet of mobile marketing vehicles and billboards.

  Product Trials/Samplers

You have a great product; you know everyone is going to love it. But you know that these days people want to try before they buy.

Impression Marketing  

A highly unique form of advertising, clean graffiti, chalk stencils, projection screens and other outdoor forms of media turn heads.

  Event Planning
& Coordinating

Throwing an event is a powerful way to launch your product or keep your brand front-of-mind for consumers.

Ambient Media  

Ambient media is a rapidly growing advertising sector, as more and more advertisers and marketers strive to find ways of targeting increasingly diverging audiences.

  Field Marketing/
Promotional Staffing

Maybe you've got a new product. Or maybe you're ready to give your established brand a jolt.

We bring brands to life! Experiential, Ambient, Live

Case Studies

Click on a picture below to get a better feel for just what Maverick has done for its clients.

  • It's one tough ticket.
  • Shabam! Was a gas, gas, gas.
  • So many ways to deliver a message.
  • Fresh ideas for a grocery store.
  • We take it to the streets. And the park. And the water...
  • Seating for 100,000? No problem.
  • They came. They saw. They stayed.
  • We helped make smoking extinct.
  • We tossed around a few ideas.
  • Down and out in Halifax? Awesome.
  • It's about making a strong connection...
  • We go where no marketing as gone before.
  • 45,000 delicious samples? We'll toast to that.
  • We hosted 120,000 visitors at 12 festivals. Ask us how.
  • You've got to leave your mark.
  • Raise a glass! Or four.
  • This is not your mother's marketing.

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